Year 2

In Year 2 we continue to develop our Speaking and Listening skills, building arguments and opinions, justifying our ideas and extending our vocabulary. We do this through a range of activities including drama, role play, presentations and discussion. Each year we look forward to our starring roles in the Key Stage 1 Christmas production and to presenting class assemblies based on the topics we have been studying.

Reading is an important part of our day. Sometimes we read as a whole class or in small groups and we also regularly read on our own with an adult. Help with our reading at home is crucial too in order to help us build the fluency and confidence that we need to develop in order to fully understand the more complex texts that we are challenged with. We read a range of texts including contemporary fiction, traditional and fairy stories, non-fiction and poetry.

In our writing we try to build stamina and flair into our work whilst writing about personal experiences, real events, poetry and non-fiction texts. We learn to join our handwriting and to take pride in the appearance of our work. We learn to evaluate and edit our work with the help of the teacher and our peers. There are new spelling and grammar rules to learn and these form the basis of our weekly spelling tests.

In Mathematics in Year 2, we concentrate on building our understanding of the four calculations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, alongside work on place value and fractions. We also work on measurement involving length, height, mass, capacity and temperature, 2D and 3D shapes, telling the time to 5 minute intervals, position, direction and statistics. Mathematics work is built up through a range of practical work first, eventually leading into strategies to use when working mentally or on paper. Lots of our mathematics work takes place outside using a range of simple equipment.

Year 2 Science involves work on living things and their habitats, plants and animals and the uses of everyday materials. We look closely for patterns, perform simple tests, identify and classify and gather and record our data. All of these skills help us to make sense of the world around us.

Each year we enjoy taking part in our Outdoor Learning Week and bringing to life our work in History and Geography by going out into the community and studying our local environment. In addition to this we learn about world’s seven continents and five oceans and about the characteristics of the four countries which make up the United Kingdom. We learn about events beyond living memory, such as The Great Fire of London and about significant events people and places, locally, nationally and internationally.

In Year 2, we enjoy using our laptops, I Pads and a range of other technology to help us understand algorithms, create and debug simple programs and make simple predictions about how technology works. We learn to use technology purposefully and safely.

In design and technology we enjoy designing, making and evaluating a range of products and we particularly enjoy learning about cooking and nutrition. Art and design allows us to use a range of materials creatively whilst learning about the work of a range of artists. In music we enjoy working for part of the year with the Lancashire Music Service learning to play the djembe drums and joining in with a whole range of songs. Physical activity is an important part of our week and we work hard to build our fundamental movement skills to help us participate in gymnastics, dance and games.