Year 3

In Year 3 we cover a lot of maths and English. Geometry, addition, subtraction, fractions, statistics are all included in our maths curriculum while Year 3’s Time Table Challenge is very popular with the children. In English we cover both fiction and non-fiction writing often linked to our topics.

We start off the year learning about space and the Solar System. We have had a visiting planetarium come into school to help us grasp the wonders of the universe! We create various types of art inspired by the planets, research the Space Race, listen to music with a ‘space’ theme and try to create our own. We investigate jet propulsion and send our rockets to the moon (or ceiling!). Compiling information texts about our chosen planets and moons means, by the end of the topic, we are the school’s experts on the cosmos. Our science work on light and distance helps us to think about the vast size and age of the universe and changes of the moon and seasons.

Looking more closely at planet Earth, we learn about how the earth has changed over time and how it is changing now. We study the countries and continents on its surface while researching what is believed to be at its centre. We consider humans’ impact on the environment and ways we can change our behaviour to help protect our planet. Studying rocks and making our own ‘fossils’ helps us to consider how old Earth is. Our studies of forces and magnets help us to create our own hypotheses and test them with our own experiments.

Our time-travelling topic from the Stone Age to Roman Britain takes in many thousands of years. We make T.V. adverts for the newly invented ‘bow and arrow’ while sampling food in a newly opened restaurant in Pompeii (some of us writing terrible reviews!). We make our own cave paintings using fats and pigments and learn about the implications of the invention of bronze and iron.  We puzzle over stone circles, are amazed by Roman gladiators, gasp at Boudicca’s rebellion and are in awe of the Roman army.

We explore the Rainforests of the world. We investigate the amazing animals and plants found there and learn about tropical weather. We take a trip to the zoo to see the animals in real life and compile reports about our favourite cuddly (or not so cuddly!) creatures. We discover how humans are very similar to animals, investigating movement, bones and muscles and discuss the adaptation of species to suit their environment.

For our work on Modern Britain, we consider the massive changes that have taken place in the U.K. since the end of the Second World War. Looking at advances in technology, changes in domestic life, immigration, music, fashion, food and culture, we learn about this exciting time in modern history. Exploring what being ‘British’ means to us and people from all over the U.K. helps us celebrate diversity and embrace British culture as rich and vibrant.

The children love being in Year 3 as the work is challenging but fun.