Year 4

In Year 4 we have enjoyed lots of outdoor learning, from trips to the local area and Beacon Fell, to exploring our school environment. We have studied the changing seasons and how the living things in our environment change through the year. We use orienteering maps to find different locations, solve problems and create artwork.

We have really enjoyed using drama to help us in our English and history. We explore characters through hot-seating, re-enact historical events, create our own scripts and poems to perform, and create freeze-frames of significant parts of a story. This makes our writing even better, because we can imagine being within a story or event.

We especially enjoy practical lessons, such as art and PE. It’s great having themed weeks, such as Health Week and Arts Week, in which we have great visits from professionals. Wheelchair handball was particularly exciting during Health Week! 

We have learned and developed new skills through exploring different materials and media. We had fun experimenting with different implements to paint with, including sticks, leaves and even toothbrushes to create different textures.

In Year 4, we are lucky to have sessions with Mr Smith from Lancashire Music Service, who has been teaching us samba percussion and ukulele. We enjoy singing with actions, learning about different types of music and culture, and developing the specific skills needed for the instruments we are learning. Our parents can share our learning when we perform at the summer music concert.

At Baines, we follow a creative topic approach. We really like getting stuck into a specific topic and linking all of our learning into it. We had fun tasting Mediterranean cuisine (although a lot of the olives didn’t end up being swallowed!), and baking our own pizzas.