Year 6

In Year 6 we work hard but we also have a range of interesting and varied topics to challenge and motivate the children, making their final year at Baines enjoyable and memorable.

The Year 6 children start the year by heading to Winmarleigh for an activity break, packed with team-building exercises, personal challenges and lots of fun! This establishes and nurtures the camaraderie which underpins the children’s last year at Baines, creating many exciting and fun-filled memories they take with them as they move towards secondary school. We spend three days challenging ourselves; discovering new talents and supporting each other.  Whether on the zip-wire, the trapeze, the Giant Swing or in team building exercises such as ‘Ambush’ and ‘Capture the Flag,’ we learn about ourselves, our peers and our teachers.

Once we have established ourselves as a team, we support each other throughout the year – celebrating our successes and overcoming challenges.  We like to get out into the local area and learn about where we live.  A trip to the sea-front in Cleveleys supports and enhances our work on the local story ‘The Sea Swallow.’  The local sculpture trail includes the Ogre, Mary’s Shell, the Paddle, Sea –Swallows and the Ship’s Graveyard. We learn about their links to local legends and their own interesting stories. 

Millfield have a TV studio and we are invited to visit and make our own news reports based on the local environment – we become news-readers, reporters and local residents in our own personally scripted reports which are then sold on DVDs at the Christmas Fair.

As well as trips out into the local environment at Cleveleys and Poulton, we have a range of visitors who come into Year 6: the Minister of Chocolate is a regular visitor who tells us about the history of chocolate and allows us to make our own chocolate; the Magistrates visit to explain how the judicial system works and ensure we stay out of trouble whilst a range of authors, artists, dancers and sporting specialists visit regularly to educate, instruct and widen our interests.

Sport is an important part of the curriculum throughout Baines, but in Year 6 we also have the chance to represent our school in a range of sporting championships and team games: football leagues; tag-rugby matches; cross-country-running; athletic championships; swimming galas; orienteering challenges; high-five and rounders matches.  There are activities to suit everyone! As a class, we swim every week at Rossall Pool and this year we challenged ourselves to swim The Channel distance of 22 miles – we completed the challenge, as a class, in an hour!

As the oldest children in the school, we take our role seriously.  We try hard to set an example to the younger children and work alongside other classes.  Recently we held an egg-rolling afternoon where every Year 6 child was paired with a Reception child and we worked as teams – it was a huge success!

Yes, Year 6 is hard work, including preparing for SATs, and extra responsibility for everyone.  However, it is full of new opportunities, new experiences and lots of fun!  It prepares us for the next step in life, whilst giving us many special memories to take with us as we move to secondary school.